Mirror Wall Calendar

My life has become very hectic, so to make my life more laid out in front of me, I decided to make a wall calendar. I keep seeing so many great ideas for wall calendars.

I needed the calendar up ASAP and did not have much funds to go buy a giant frame. I was looking around my office and saw this mirror I had not been using. I didn't want to permanently change the mirror so I just used tape for the calendar lines. However, I did considered using etching cream for the lines.

I also made a "to do" list that was dry erasable for beside my calendar to have space to write needs to do items.

How do you organize? Please tell me in the comments.

Spring Wreath ~ 2015

I went to put up my mom's spring wreath, which was given to me last year, and lo and behold it would not fit. The spring wreath was too thick, my door would not close.

After searching Pinterest to find a wreath I liked, I decided to just make my own. If you don't have to reinvent the wheel, why should you? I liked the 20 DIY Spring Wreaths by Sand and Sisal the best. All you need is a wicker wreath, a few bunches of fake flowers and hot glue.

Glue the flowers on the wreath and maybe add some embellishments. Voila, you have your own personalized spring wreath.

Oh, Where are my Kitchen towels?

I keep coming into my kitchen in the mornings and can not find event one kitchen towel. I go looking for them before I get a new one out of the drawer. Where do I find them? In my daughter's play kitchen! My daughter has confiscated them.

In order to keep my kitchen towels in the kitchen and not in with the toys, I decided to make her some of her own.

Step one, let my daughter pick out her fabric. I had some leftover fabric she was able to pick from. Then sewed some ribbon to the 19" x 14" rectangle fabric. Next fold the fabric together right sides touching, lining up the ribbon. Next, sew the three open edges together with a 1/2" seam allowance, making sure to leave a small hole so I could turn it right side out. After turning the towel right side out, press the towel with an iron and sew 1/8" from edge around all 4 sides. Voila, I have the perfect kitchen towel for any little play kitchen.

To learn more about my daughter's play kitchen, check out my post Child's Kitchen and it's Update.

Can you sympathies? Tell me about it in the comments.

The Magnificaent Thread Catcher

I do a lot of little projects that I don't always post about because they don't have much to do with Reinventing the Home. However, this one time I am making an exception about this thread catcher because I believe the author did a great job writing the pattern.  The pattern is on Sew Mama Sew and it is called Elizabeth’s Fabric Focus ~ Pincushion and Thread Catcher. The directions are well written and easy to follow along with pictures for every step.  I have not come across something so well written thus far in my 10 years of sewing on a regular basis. 

Antique White Desk

Sometimes I have to do project quickly and I forget to take a before picture, this is one of those times. I deeply wished I had taken a before picture because the transformation of this desk would have taken you breath away. The whole desk was the dark wood color of the top. It is amazing, what just a little paint of the right color will do.