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Welcome to a stay at home mom's outlet!

Reinventing the Home takes existing furniture, home decor, and materials to refinish, refurbish, and redesign creative and unique new products. The adaptive nature of Reinventing the Home brings practical solutions to its readers.

"Recycling, reusing, and upcycling brings great joy"

I have a degree in Interior Design and stay current with the interior design trends. Through self discovery and trail and error, I have honed my skills. Reinventing the Home is based out of the Washington D.C suburbs.

In the efforts to be less wasteful and use every scrap of fabric, some of my projects are for sell in local markets. I only make a limited amount depending on the resources at my disposal.

A fresh new post comes out every other Friday, however, since I am also a stay at home mom, sometimes I am a little late.

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