Coming Soon: Baby #3

Due to unplanned circumstances and the fact that morning sickness is taking over my life, I have had to make a hard decision of scaling back on my blog. I am still going to post, however it will not be on a schedule. Please subscribe to the Inside Scoop so you can be notified when I do post.

Railroad Crossing Sign

Like so many kids, my son loves trains.  So, for his second birthday we had a train themed birthday party.  As a keystone design item, my wife wanted a railroad sign that we could put at the front door welcoming guests.  The idea was to make the standard railroad crossing sign out of wood, and make it so that it could be mounted to a pole, as well as hung in my son's room as decoration.

Little Black Dress Project

After NOT wearing a dress for FOUR years, wearing the same dress everyday for 30 days was hard.  Wearing the same thing EVERYDAY was harder than I thought it would be at first, turning out to be depressing. That was when taking my pictures came in, they gave me something to look forward to. 

How to Make City Blocks?

I was given some OLD wooden blocks from my church. They no longer where using them. The blocks where colorful and a little banged up, however, I wanted to give them NEW LIFE by making them look like LITTLE BUILDINGS. They are going to look so cute as little buildings. First I spray painted them with gold, silver, and grey spray paint, but that that didn't totally work out. So then I took some craft paint and finished painting them by hand.

The Book that Keep me Going

Whenever I was down and thought "Why am I doing this?" Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success gave me the encouragement I needed. Steve Harvey in this book isn't all fluffy and "all your dreams will come true." Harvey is realistic and tells you that you will fail but it is also encouraging at the same time.

The Book that Isn't like a bad Date.

Many times with a crafting, diy blog you need resources. I often find my information on the web but sometimes I like having a book to have on hand. I don't buy nor keep many books, sometimes I feel like they are dead weight. If you can't see, I am not really a book person. Don't get me wrong I love books but they are like a bad date you use them to fill your loneliness but then toss them aside. But isn't that why they call them bad dates, because they were not worth keeping about.