The Blogger

"Welcome to my Passion!"

Reinventing the Home takes existing furniture, home decor, and materials to refinish, refurbish, and redesign creative and unique new products. The adaptive nature of Reinventing the Home brings practical solutions to its readers.

"Recycling, reusing, and upcycling brings me great joy"

I have a degree in Interior Design and stay current with the interior design trends. Through self discovery and trial and error, I have honed my skills. Reinventing the Home has relocated in 2016 to the Raleigh, North Carolina area from the Washington D.C suburbs.

Why the name Reinventing the Home?

While starting Reinventing the Home, I was defining my role in my own household. My internal battle with social, economical, and personal image of what a home should look like, my role in it and financial contributions to my family while balancing my family’s needs with my personal needs.

Furthermore, Reinventing the Home speaks about the home becoming more sustainable and not just taking from the earth but giving back to it. Being more conscientious about where your furniture comes from and what it is made out of. I recycle and upcycle furniture because it is better for the planet, not because it is cheaper.