Little Pea's Nursery

With every new arrival, a nursery of some kind needs to be set up. Our new nursery is casually themed "Dreamy Sky. "  The color scheme for this room is pink, green, and grey. Honestly I didn't spend much time planning out this room, which means I just threw it together. That is because I enjoy making custom rooms for my children based off their personalities and items they LOVE. When a baby is so young the room design is based off what the parents' wishes for the room are. Since our new arrival will spend about two years in this room, at which she will move into a room with her older sister, I didn't see the point on spending LOTS of money on a nursery. 

My New Office

Moving into this house has been such a blessing for my office, I have gotten a bigger office and more storage for my projects.  I have more wall space to hang up plans for the future, business and design wise.  

Our New House!!

I know this is much over due but with morning sickness and catching up on unpacking our house, I have not been able to post. My sister has helped SO MUCH with the unpacking process. She is a great organizer. I have just now been about to sit down and write. It helps that my daughter is in summer camp this week. I have had loads of time to catch up on office stuff.

Coming Soon: Baby #3

Due to unplanned circumstances and the fact that morning sickness is taking over my life, I have had to make a hard decision of scaling back on my blog. I am still going to post, however it will not be on a schedule. Please subscribe to the Inside Scoop so you can be notified when I do post.