The War Hero

We all have a blanket that has been in our families for generations. I call them the war heroes because they have seen everything: the fights, the trials and tribulations, the sad times and the happy times. Just like most of you I have such a blanket that I just can not throw out because it is a part of me know.  Also it is soft and cuddly, but it is also worn and falling apart.  Good news you do not have to throw it out, you can mend it into a something new.

So what I have done is transform this blanket into a patchwork quilt.  I got this fabulous idea from my sister’s mother-in-law, who quilts all the time.  What you do is cut out shapes that cover the holes from additional fabric.  I choose to uses squares because they were already used in the blanket.  Iron the edges under, so the edges don’t show.  Then sew them onto the blanket, using desired stitch.

I hope this idea will let me and you enjoy our blankets for years to come.

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