Your Dream Pillow

There comes a time when you can not find the pillow that you like, or that matches your taste or décor.  That is when the best option is to just make your own.  First find the fabric that you like and that matches/coordinates with the furniture piece it will seat on or the room it will go in.  Then cut out the desired size and shape.

Raw edges together making sure the wrong side of the fabric is facing out.  Make sure to leave a gap for the fabric to be turned right side out.  This same gap is where the pillow or stuffing will be inserted also, so make sure the gap/hole is large enough.  I decided to sew in a zipper instead of leaving a gap.  If you want a zipper there are many videos on the web that can show you how to sew one in.  But if there is no zipper then just sew over the gap/hole once the pillow is inside the pillow cover.  There is also lot of pillow patterns at your local fabric store, which give step by step directions, if you need more help.

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