Kids Zone: Paper Windmills

When I was a kid on Labor Day we always made paper windmills.  It was one of my favorite past times.  And most of the time you already have all the ingredients to make them.  What do you need? Paper (I most of the time used construction paper, but scrap booking paper and computer paper works also. With computer paper the kids could draw on it to make it a little more personal.) drinking straws or wooden skewers, pins, glue, and scissors.  If you would like to jazz the windmill up a bit you can also use buttons, glitter, and ribbon.

First cut the paper into a square.  Fold it diagonal both ways. Then cut on the diagonal lines. Tip: stop cutting a ½ inch from the center.

Fold one side of each triangle to the center of the square.  Tip: Try not the crease the folds.  Gluing the edges down, helps with the spinning, I like to use rubber cement because it does not get the paper wet.

Push the pin into the center, making sure to pin all layers.

Then push pin into the straw or wooden stick.  Tip: If using a wooden stick, best to drill a hole first.

Finally bind the back of the pin down.  Tip: I like to use tape to tape down the pin.

Ya!! You are finish unless you would like to add embellishments.

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