Kids Zone:Hanging Santa

This project is perfect for one of those long holiday days, when the kids are home all day long. What will you need?? 1)  Red, Black and White Construction Paper 2)  Clear Plastic String 3)  Glue or Double Sided Tape 4)  Yarn 5)  Hole Punch

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

You will need to print off the above temples on the according paper instructed on the template.  Cut out all the shapes.  First glue the “Hat Puffs” to either side of the “Hat.”  Then glue on one of the “Hat Brims” to the bottom of the “Hat.”  On the wrong side of the “Hat” glue down two 4” strings on either side for the eyes and one 10” string in the center for the mouth.  Next glue down the second “Hat Brim” in order to hide the strings and the bottom of the “Hat.”  Now the Hat is done.  On the bottom of the eye strings glue two eyes together, making sure the string in between the “Eye” pieces.  Next do the same for the “Beard” and glue the lips onto the beard, one on each side.  Finally, punch a hole in the top of the hat and tie a piece of yarn on to the hat.

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