My Nursery: Theme

In deciding a theme for my nursery, I searched long and hard.  One of the reasons it took me such a long journey to find a theme is because I wanted an unisexed nursery but still have cool characteristics.  And I finally found the theme in the form of a bed spread.  The theme of my nursery is nature, more specifically the forest.  Now there are many forests out there, the rain forest, the redwood forest, and the most important forest, one I used, Bambi’s Forest, the forest with rabbits, deer, owls, trees, and tall grass.

 The Bed Spread (photo from

The Bed Spread (photo from

I did use more than just these colors in the nursery because as you can see there are many of colors in the bed spread. However all the colors I did use are variations of these colors.

The Color Scheme

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