Family Tree Pin Board

In the nursery I wanted a place to pin family photos.  So I came up with a “family tree” idea which also went with the nursery theme.  I drew out a tree on paper for a template, and then traced it onto felt which I cut out also.  Next I cut out green felt “clouds” for the tree top and grass for the tree’s foundation.  Then I sewed the felt pieces to a white sheet.  I wrapped plywood with quilt batting so the pins would have something to stick into.  And finally I wrapped the tree sheet over the batting.  Now all I needed to do is pin the photos to the tree.

Family Tree Pin Board

Paper Template of Tree

Felt Tree Pinned to a White Sheet

Plywood Wrapped in Batting

Felt Tree Sewed to Sheet and Wrapping Plywood

Up Close of Stitching

This project ended up bring really complicated, to make it simpler you could stitch large pieces of fabric together to make a quilt looking design and wrap it over the batting.  The different designs on the fabric would add depth and still be custom to your room.

If there is interest in me giving step by step instructions, I can always show it with the simpler version.  Please feel free to leave a comment or email me on this topic.

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