DIY: Name Decor

After looking through some of the letters other people have put up in their nursery, I decided to make my own.  I really liked the idea but they just did seem to fit with my nursery.  Below are instructions on how I made my letters.

For this project you will need to know how to Embroider.

 Needed Supplies: Wooden Letters, Paint (colors of your choosing), Felt (colors of your choosing), Embroidery Floss (colors of your choosing), Embroidery loom, Sewing Needle, Pen/Maker, Scissors, Iron on Interfacing, Glue, andNails


1) Making your Template.  First I draw out templates for the animals on the letters. I did this by looking at pictures of the animals.  Below are same of the images I looked at and the templates I drew.

 Tip: Make several copies of the templates because you are going to use them to trace out the different parts of the animals.

2) Cut the parts out of Felt.  Trace the parts from the template on to the felt and cut them out.  You will also need to trace the overall shape onto the felt for a backing.

3) Iron onto the Interfacing.  Take the large pieces and iron them onto the interfacing.  This will help keep the pieces together while you embroider the felt and provide additional space for the embroidery loop to hold onto.

4) Embroider Felt.  Now you embroider the felt using whatever method that gives you the look you are looking for.  I used a lot of the satin stitch because it filled in areas the way I wanted it to.

5) Stitch on the Back.  Using a stitch method of your choice sew on the back of the animal.

6) Final Touches.  Now paint the letter.   Glue the animals onto the letters.  Add the ribbon and apply to the wall.

I am sorry I can not give more instruction on this project but it is highly individualized and hard to put into writing.  I do hope you are able to gather the information you need in order to make your own letter.  Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

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