Upholstered Cornices

I was interested in adding a simple window treatment to my dinning room, but I did not want huge or heavy drapes in the small room.  Thus I added upholster cornices to the windows, which added a touch of softness and color to the windows.

Needed Supplies: Wood, Staple Gun, L-shape Framing Brace, Small Screws, Keyhole Wall Mounts, Batting, Fabric(s), and Hot Glue or Fabric Glue


1) Determine the Size of the Cornices.  First I determine the size of the cornices, which was 1 foot wide with a 3” depth.  Then bought and cut the wood to these dimensions.

2) Attached Brace.  Now attach the bracing to the wood using the small screws.  Make sure that the screws does not go threw the wood and that the wood is assembled as shown in the image.

3) Wrap and Attach Batting.  Take the batting and wrap it around the wood.  Then staple it to the inside of wood framing using the staple gun.  Make sure to pull the batting taut.

4) Wrap and Attach Fabric.  First iron the fabric before wrapping it around the batting so there are no wrinkles.  Take the fabric and do the same as the batting.

5) Finishing out the Inside of the Cornice.  You can use either the same fabric as in step 4 or a different fabric.  I chose to use a white fabric.  First iron the fabric.  Then sew under the raw edge.  If you do not own a sewing machine, you can just glue under the edges using hot glue or fabric glue.  Now glue the white fabric to the gold fabric, in order to hide all the staples and strews.

6) Attach the Cornice to the Wall.  Using the keyhole wall mounts attach the cornice to the wall.

Because the fabric I used was left over curtains, this project only cost me $45 which makes this a very fordable way to add color and beauty to your home.  I hope this project helps you add a little color and beauty to your home.  I always look forward to hearing from you.

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