Factors to consider when looking for Window Treatments

I have been asked several times, “What type of window treatments should I use?” That depends on several factors:  1. How much light do you want in the room? 2. How deep is the window frame, and how much space do you have to mount the window treatment?  3. What are you looking for aesthetically?

  1. First, you need to decide on whether you want direct or ambient lighting in the room.  Direct light lets a person have views of the outside world but can also fade or lighten furniture and upholstery.  Shutters or blinds would provide direct light.  However, shades would provide more ambient light, a glowing effect, depending on the thickness of the fabric.
  2. Although many window treatments are mounted on the outside of a window, some are mounted on the inside. Window depth is very important when installing blinds, because if you desire a thick blind but do not have the window depth then there will be a problem.  I saw this problem once; it caused the blinds to be unsafe because there was no support to stabilize the blinds.  Therefore, if a blind is two inches deep then the window depth needs to be at least two inches.
  3. Aesthetics and color of the shade or blind is very important.  Lighter colors reflect more light than darker colors, thus bringing more light into the room.  You can add color and style to the room by adding curtains, valances, and/or cornices.  Aesthetics are extremely personal, so let’s look at an example of a dining room.

 In the depicted dining room, there are deep windows so a thick blind is mounted on the inside of each window.  Blinds were chosen because direct light was desired.  The blinds are white in order to reflect more light into the room.  Also, their style is very planar so the simplicity of the blinds suits the room.  The owners wanted a bit of color around the windows, but because of the size of the room adding dramatic curtains would make the room feel smaller and would not fit their style.  Thus upholstered cornices were designed to go above the windows.

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