Doggie Door in a Storm Door

Recently I needed to put a doggie door in my back door.  However, I didn't want to put a doggie door into the side of my house.  I have larger dogs and putting a huge hole in the side of my house is just not safe, to me.  I searched and searched for a door with a doggie door but they all just seemed ugly to me.  One with a small window and a doggie door on the bottom and seemed to have the same problem - unrestricted access to my home.  No, what I wanted was more of a storm door with a doggie door in it.  This option would let in lots of light, which I like, and then I have a secondary door to close at night or when I want to keep my dogs inside or outside, but they do not make something like that. So I put my mind to work and came up with my own door that would accomplish my goals.

Dog Door

I used a storm door that had two glass panels instead of one, a sheet of plexi glass, and a doggie door.  I put a hole in the plexi glass for the doggie door to fit into, then attached the doggie door to the plexi glass. I then slid out the glass on the bottom half of the storm door and slid in the plexi glass with the doggie door in. Voila, you have a storm door with a doggie door.

Inside of Door (left), Outside of Door (right)

Tips: be careful not to crack the plexi glass while cutting it.

Warning: You will have to replace the plexi glass after some time.  Plexi glass is safer than glass but it does wobble at this thinness and will crack from wear and tear, especially if your dogs run through the doggie door like mine do.

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