Wall Mounted Magnet Board

Many times while I am cooking I need my recipe at eye level. So I went to work creating a magnet board that I could install into a upper cabinet. Another use for this project is an art board, just use white paint, thus you can write on it and attach kid's art work. What you will need? Sheet Metal (I used a 18" x 12" piece) Liquid Nails 1/8" Fiber Board 1/8" Mirror Brackets Hand Drill Spray Paint

First I spray painted the sheet metal a gold color, which will match my cabinet door. You can always use high gloss white spray paint, thus creating a dry erase surface. (tip: place the metal on wax paper instead of newspaper, so it does not stick to the paper) After you spray paint it, use Liquid Nails to attach the sheet metal to the fiber board.

 Sheet Metal and Fiber Board

Sheet Metal and Fiber Board

I clamped the fiber board and sheet metal while it cured

Now layout the magnet board on the surface you would like to attach it to. If you plan on attaching it to a cabinet door, I recommend taking the door off the cabinet so you can lay it out flat. Then mark where the mirror brackets go and drill part of the hole for the screws. Before screwing the screws in, make sure they will not go all the way through the door! You may have to buy shorter screws than the ones provided in the mirror bracket packet. Before tightening the screws down, place the magnet board in the brackets. Then tighten the mirror brackets down. Now you have a fun new magnet board.

Magnet Board

The Purple Diva

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