A Pop of Color

As I was looking through House Beautiful a few months back, I ran across this article on a Park Avenue Apartment. The above image is one of the many from this house.  I liked the living room the best because it has a pop of color. Below is my version of the living room. I hope you enjoy!

 Image from  House   Beautiful 

Image from House Beautiful 


1. Big City 2 Painting from Z Gallerie 2. Highbury, Black and Gold from Graham and Brown 3. "Elise" Chair from Haute House 4. Ikat Yellow and Grey Pillow Cover from Loubella1 on Etsy.com 5. Club Sofa from Arhaus Furniture 6. Worthington Mirror Coffee Table from Clayton Gray Home 7. Roadside Attraction from FLOR

The Down Side to Laminate

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