Retro Bathroom Remix

OK so here's the skinny.  After graduation I moved into what was my grandparent's house and when I walked in, it looked the same as I always remembered.  Well with that being said the house is obviously in need of some updating.  Having a degree in Interior Design is going to help, so I figured it is best to start small.  I started with the master bathroom.  At about 25 sqft, it's not a large space but with a house built in the 1950s its kinda what I expected.  Sorry there is no before picture but it was not a thought to post it until the room was already done.


Yes I know there are funny lines in the pictures but in order to show the whole room I had to Photoshop three together.

While I would still like to redo the floor and tiles on the wall that's just not in the budget at this point in time.  The walls in the room were at one point in time white but have yellowed in the years as best as I can figure the house was painted in the 60s or 70s so 40 year old paint is gonna change.  Putting on a fresh coat of white paint, to match the already defined color scheme of black and white, made a great improvement then it was the little things like lighting and hardware.


After updating the lighting and hardware the rest fell into place.  Went and found a plant in a colorful planter, added a rug and a trashcan. Then the room was done.  While I did spend $90 on the light fixture, that was the most expensive item.  The rest of the items never got over $15.  For a little over $160 the room was transformed.

1 gallon simi gloss paint -$30

2 brushed nickle cabinet pulls -$3 each

2 brushed nickle cabinet hinges -$3 a pair

plant and planter -$5

rug -$15

trash can -$3

This is just the first of many rooms to complete but I'm ready for the adventure it will bring, and I'm excited because my bedroom is almost complete.


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