The Teal and White Collection

I did the Teal and White Collection for the Fall, but ran into some computer problems. I thought I would never post this collection but the other day I tried again to convert my very large Illustrator file to a PDF and it worked. Haaaa! So with much delay I present to you my Teal and White Collection.

You have seen all of these home goods. This posting is just the debut the collection as a whole. Because I write the posting as I create/make the products by the time I am done with a collection you have seen everything. I know some people do it the other way around, present the collection then show you the individual postings. And maybe some day I will do that, but if I did that right now in this stage of my life my blog would be down for months. So this posting is to close out this theme of Teal and White. 

What is coming up?? I have some random items, such as a play kitchen for my daughter, some wall hangers, and coasters that will be posted in between the next collection which is Purple and Grey. I hope you enjoy! If you have any themes you would like to see in the future please leave a comment.

Ups and Downs of Life

Shabby Chic, is it comfortable??