DIY: Bins from Target

DIY: Bins from Target

A few years ago, I bought a purple fabric bin from Target. Recently I went back to Target in order to buy more in cream, olive and blue only to find Target was phasing them out. So I looked over the bin I have to see how it was made. The below process is how I made my new bins using the one I own as a template. 

What do you need? Chip Board, Fabric (inner and outer), Spray Adhesive, Fabric Glue, Ribbon, Thread, Scissors, and Pins

1) Measure, Cut and Score Chip Board:  I made my bins 13x13x13, so I will be cutting my chip board 13" x 25.5" and scored them 6 1/4" from each end. The Chip Board needs to be 25.5" and not 26" so there is room for the bins to clasp.  This will make sense when we are done.  You will need two of these boards for each side of the bin.  In the center of the board I put a handle 1" from the top and 4" x 1" in size.  Also you will need to cut out a 13" x 13" square for the bottom of the bin.

2) Cut out and sew together liner:  Always iron and wash fabric before using it. (The only time I don't wash my fabric before hand, is when it is dry clean only or when I know I will never wash it.  Washing instructions are always on the bolt of fabric at the store.)  Cut out two, 14" x 27" rectangles. Put the right sides together, pin and sew 1/2" from the end of each short side, do not sew the long side. Also cut out two, 14" x 14" pieces and put right sides together, pin and sew.  Make sure to fold and pin a piece of ribbon in between the pieces of fabric.  Sew 1/2" from the edge on three sides of the square.

3) Glue Chip Board to Fabric: Lay the lining down, wrong side up. It does not matter which wrong side you start with.  Now spray the lining with spray adhesive. Then lay the chip board down on top of the lining, make sure the score lines are up.  It should look like the image below. 

Now put a small amount of fabric glue and spray adhesive along the edges of the chip board.  Then fold up the raw edges of the fabric over the chip board.  Next flip over the lining and repeat this step.

Once the glue has dried fold the box along the score lines.

Tip: Put a plastic tablecloth down so the spray adhesive does not get everywhere. Then when done wipe down the table cloth with baby wipes to get the sticky residue off. You can also use clips or clothes pins to hold the fabric to the chip board while it dries.

4) Making the lining handles:  Using a knife or scissors carefully make a line with a fork on either end to the corners of the handle.  This part is hard to explain, so please refer to the pictures.

Fold the fabric over the chip board through the hole and glue, using the fabric glue. Repeat this step for the other side.

The Box Lining is DONE!!!

5) Making the Outer Box:  Using the box lining, map out the outer box. Once fabric is washed and pressed, lay the fabric out on the ground.  For a 13"x13"x13" bin, measure 13.5" from the straight edge, then 14", then 13.5".  Mark where the bottom of the bin is and repeat for all sides. To help out with later lining up the outer and inner box, mark which side is the front on other boxes.

Cut on cut lines. Pin wrong sides together and sew on the seam lines, .5" from the edge.  Then repeat for the other sides. Now press down the seams, including the top raw edge. 

6) Making the handles on outer box: Turn outer box right side out and insert the lining box with the "fronts" facing one another.  Mark there the handles will go on the outer box. Cut. Then press the raw edges down, pin, then sew the raw edges down alone the folded edge.

Tip: It is easier to put the boxes together upside down.

Outer box is DONE!!!

7) Binding the Boxes:  Spray the chip board with spray adhesive on all 4 sides.  Then insert the lining into the outer box.  

Tip: fold in inner box to get the inner box inside the outer box. 

Press the sides of the box together.  Then, using the fabric glue, glue the top of the box together and around the inside of the handles. Using clothes pins together the top while the glue is drying.

The box is together!!!

8) Making the bottom:  Insert the bottom square chip board in to the bin to make sure it fits.  If it does not fit, trim some of the square off.  It is okay, if you trim too much off, remember you still need to insert the chip board into the fabric which will all a little to the width.  Once the chip board is trimmed, interest it in the right side out fabric bottom you made in the begging of the tutorial. Fold the raw edges over the chip board and glue the fabric together.  If needed pin with clothes pins til dried.

Now, place the bottom in the box to complete the project.

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