Weather Wood

I was asked by Savor Loudoun, to create weathered wood pieces for backgrounds that will be used in their photo shoots.  

 The first one I created was made to look like old fence pickets with blue accents.  Since I had never created a faux weathered wood facade; I gained inspiration from Beyond The Picket Fence. First, I stained the joined fence pickets with a dark walnut stain. Then I painted organic stripes on the pickets with two different blue paints, one on top of the other. Next I sanded the pickets with 60 and 80 grit sandpaper. I used a coarser grit of sandpaper because I wanted the wood to keep it's rustic look. At first I just sanded the painted areas but then the pickets did not look uniform so I sanded the whole piece.  After sanding I stained the pickets again with the dark walnut stain in order to make the piece darker.

The second faux weather wood facade I created was made to look like a table top with the paint peeling off it.  Savor Loudoun wanted the table top to have a stark contrast of dark and white.  I basically followed the directions from Thrifty and Chic, except I went back to stain spots of the wood darker.

The table top before I added the second coat of stain.

Vase to Lamp

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