Cleaning Nail Polish Off Chair

Sometimes life gives us lemons and we have to make lemonade. The other day life gave me a lemon in the form of my daughter, who is two, trying to paint her nails. As you can image a two year old trying to paint her nails ended in disaster, the whole nail polish bottle was spilled onto my chair. 

Most of the time I would say this stain would never come out and if this chair was not less than two years old I would have just moved on. However this one time I was really determined to get the stain out. And I did get the stain out!

How did I get the stain out? 1) time and patience 2) I used nail polish remover, Oxiclean shot stain remover, Magic Eraser, and Nature Bright by Shaklee (which took most of the stain out). I first tried to take the stain out with nail polish remover, Oxiclean, and Magic Eraser alternating one after the other. It took out some of the stain but not enough for me to be happy with it. After that I created a paste with the Nature Bright and let it sit on the stain for a while. Then I washed the cushion cover. This took much of the stain out. I tried the paste twice then decided that no more of the stain would come out.  It is now hardly noticeable and I saved myself from having to buy a new chair or living with a horrible stain.

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