Re-purposed Bed Garden Box

This time of the year, I always try to do some gardening.  Don't get me wrong, I have very little of a green thumb but my mom did and I do it in remembrance of her.  Also because she was always in her garden it just seems normal to be out digging in the earth during spring.  

Well this year I decided that my problem for not keeping plants alive is that they had no functional purpose. You see in the past I only did flowering plants, so this year I am planting vegetables. I also thought that maybe I was not good at gardening because I only did a pot or two. Thus this year, I designed a planter for the garden.

I had an old twin platform bed with box storage that made up the structure of the bed. Very similar to the bed below from Pottery Barn

 Stratton Storage Bed From  Potter Barn .

Stratton Storage Bed From Potter Barn.

What do you need? Wood Bin, Exterior Paint, extra support (if needed), Drill, Wheels, Screws Plastic, Staple Gun with Staples, Rocks, Dirt, and Plants

Step One: Make sure the wood bin, storage container's bottom can support the weight of the rocks and dirt. Then drill holes for the wheels and water drainage. I show this in the next picture.  Because my bin was wood, I decided to paint it with exterior paint so it would hold up to the elements better.

The storage bin. This was one side of the bed.

Step Two: After painting the box, I screwed in the screws for the wheels.

Step Three: Adding plastic to the inside of the box, making sure to fold the edges under and fold the corners so dirt and water does not get between the plastic and the box. Then I cut holes in the plastic so the water can drain out the drain holes in the bottom.

Step Four: Add rocks to the bottom for drainage. Make sure not the clog drainage holes with rocks.

Step Five: Add Dirt.

Step Six: Finally it is time to add your plants.

Now you have a Re-purposed Bed Garden Box!

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