Porcelaine 150

Do you ever see projects in magazines and want to try them out? Do you wonder if they ever work the way the article said they do? Well I wondered the same thing, so I decided to try one of the products out. The February 2014 issue of Country Living has a short blurb about the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 fine-point marker.  The instructions I followed are Trompe L'oeil Teapot.  These marker you can write on porcelain to create your own dishes. The makers come in 9 different colors but I only tried 3: black, scarlet red and peacock blue. 

I had no problems with the red or blue markers but the black one I did have some problems with. I am not sure why I had problems with it. I did try to use a charcoal outline, which I tried to trace over. That was not a good idea, it seemed to make the ink clump up. After using the black marker for while, I closed it up and come back a few days later. When I came back the marker would not write. Come to find out the ink had dried over the tip, but after scraping it off the marker worked wonderfully again. I did not have this problem with the red or blue markers which I did not use charcoal with. Thus that makes me think the problem was with using charcoal as a pattern transfer agent. Below are my trials.

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