Child Activity Book, Part One: Making the pages

A friend of mine made this wonderful activity book for her daughter. I just fell in love with it so I went on the internet and found felt activity books but none had as many pages as my friend's book did. I also know my daughter would like more pages.  Thus I picked some of the already designed pages I liked and put them together.  This took me some time so this is only part one. Some of the pages have tutorials already formed so when I get to that page I will link that tutorial but some of the pages are recreations of pages I liked. 

Each page is 10" x 9" of felt. I cut all the pages to this size.

Page one, Zip up the Corn: First cut out a yellow corn cob out of yellow felt. Then cut out a dark green corn husk. To do so just make it a little bigger than the corn cob and cut it down the middle. Then sew the zipper in the middle of the corn cob. Next I sewed all the parts to the corn page. I was inspired by FetLand2013 Etsy page.

The next 8 pages I used Bubble and Bobbins' tutorials, creating all her pages but cupcakes' page. I didn't make this page because I didn't think my daughter would be interested in it.

Pages 9 and 10, Play with the Fishes: To create this page, I was inspired by Linsie Loo's Last minute Holiday Gift. First I make the ocean bottom with a pocket for fish storage. Then I hot glued the aque blue ocean currents and the ocean plants.  Next I set a site the ocean background and made the sea creatures out of felt, hot glue and googlie eyes. 

Pages 11 and 12, Felt Doll: Inspired by Doll Party Pillow by Red Envelope. First I draw and cut out the felt doll and hot glued on her hair, eyes and under garments.  Then I hot glued the clothes line ribbon, grass and clothes pins. Next I draw and cut out her clothes, then "pinned" them to the clothes line.

Pages 13 and 14, Feed Me: First I made the face by cutting out the head, hair, nose, hands and body. Then, I made the hole for the mouth and sewed in the zipper. I chose to sew the body parts on but you could just hot glue them. After sewing the parts on, I did hot glue the eyes and nose. After that I moved to the next page, where I sewed on a round plate.  

Then I proceeded to make the food for the plate. Each food piece is made in the same way. First I cut out the back piece and hand sewed a snap in to it. Then I cut out and hot glued on the top pieces. After I finished all the food for the plate, I hand sewed on the counter parts for the snaps to the plate. To finish the page I wrote the words, that I am going to embroider later. If you have not noticed I have done this for every page.

Page 15, Tie Me:  This is probably the easiest page I have done for this page. It is just three pieces of felt sewn on to the page felt. First cut out all three pages. Then sew them onto the page. Make sure not to sew the pink piece on the flat side. (please see image to know what I am talking about. Next cut the pink piece down the middle starting at the unsewn side.  Then I wrote "Tie Me" on the page, which I will embroider later. Also later I will add the brackets and ribbon so my daughter can actually tie the "shoe."

Tips: Use clear thread, so you don't need to change the thread for every piece. You don't have to sew everything except zippers and snaps, you can use hot glue.

Child Activity Book, Part Two: Putting the Book Together

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