Child Activity Book, Part Two: Putting the Book Together

After I made all the pages for the activity book, see part one, I hand embroidered all the pages and sewed the pages together.  I really liked Mary's Corbet's from Needle 'n Thread's instruction on how to hand embroider. After I sewed all the pages together I put 3 eyelets on each page and finished the "Tie Me" page by putting eyelets on the shoe for the laces.  

Then I  set all the pages aside and started on the outside of the book.  First, I cut out two pieces of 24" x 10" for the inside and outside of the cover and one 3 1/2" x 9" stripe for closing the book.  Next I sewed the 3 1/2" x 9" stripes on two sides with the right sides together. Then I turned the stripes right side out, pressed, and sewed 1/8" from edge on 3 sides. I also put several button holes on the stripe for different book thickness.

Now put right sides together on the book cover and on the right middle, pin the closing stripe between the fabric. So it should be outer fabric (right side up), the closing stripe (right middle), and then the inner fabric (wrong side up). Sew 1/2" from edge on all sides leaving an 2" opening on the bottom. Turn book cover right side out through that opening, press, and then sew an 1/8" from edge on all sides. I finished the from of the book cover with a button.

I then put three eyelets 9 1/4" from edge on the front and back of the book cover. Finally I laced the pages and cover together.

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