The Perfect Blackout Formula

Ever since my daughter turned two, she has had a hard time staying asleep and not waking up with the sun. You see my daughter's room has this street light right outside it, so we have to block out the light from it.  Also in our neck of the woods the sun rises at 5:30 am, I am not sure about you, but that is way too early for me.  Thus for months my husband and I have been adding and changing her window treatments to try and get her to sleep.  We have finally found the perfect window treatments that keep out daughter asleep.

First we added the light block out vinyl roll shades, which worked for sometime, but still let light through the sides and some ambient light through the vinyl.  She then started insisting on sleeping in our room.

I admit, it took me a little too long to figure this out but hey when you're sleep deprived things just take longer.  I finally asked myself what is different between our rooms.  The answer is I have blackout curtains.  So I put my curtains up in her room. "Music playing from above."  We have success. My daughter started sleeping in her room, mostly through the night and til 7:30/8 am. I say mostly because sometimes she still wakes up and wants to sleep in our bed but once we transfer her, she is okay.  However the reason behind those things isn't the light, it is because I am 8 months pregnant and she is insecure with the up coming changes.

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