Yikes! My Toddler has a Sharpie.

I had one of those heart wrenching mornings where I walked down from upstairs into the kitchen and my toddler had draw with a sharpie all over my kitchen island. Frustration and panic displayed all over my face. What was I going to do? 

Now my island is a dresser that I made into a kitchen island, for more information visit my blog post Update: Dresser to Kitchen Island.  After I calmed myself down, I realized nail polish remover would take the sharpie off. However, I was a little concerned about it taking the finished off the island or not taking the sharpie off at all, since my nail polish remover was non-acetone. I decided to go ahead and try anyways. 

The nail polish remover worked wonderfully, it did take some of the paint off but not too bad. I do wonder if I had finished the island with anything other than wax if it would have worked as well though. It even took the sharpie off the laminated top without leaving a fog mark.

Antique White Desk

Kitchen Island Redo