Patchwork Roman Shades, yes or no? ...  YES!

Patchwork Roman Shades, yes or no? ... YES!

Welcome to 2016 at Reinventing the Home!

This post is a lot later than I intended for two reasons. 1) I have been spending the last 3 weeks organizing my life and refocusing Reinventing the Home so I can bring you a consistent stream of interior design, furniture, decor and little personal bits. 2) I was stuck in bed for 3 days with a fever and a nasty cold when I was supposed to be writing.  

Please stay connected with me on Instagram and Facebook for it is way easier to keep y'all in touch with my little delays that way. Thank you d1911 for your suggestion of Theraflu! I'm so looking forward to trying it out. I plan on getting some as soon as the roads clear but as of right now we are snowed in, which is getting old. With two little ones, I do get sick, in my opinion often, so it will not go to waste.

I do apologize for not being very consistent over the past few months. I am trying to get better.


How many of you guys need new curtains or shades or blinds, but the funds are just not there?

I am in that position when it comes to my kitchen windows. However I also have to add my kitchen window treatments would have to be custom ordered because of their odd size. 

I have seen many tutorials on Pinterest on "How to make Roman Shades." Since I never have had Roman Shades in my house, I thought I would give them a try. The tutorial I liked the best was Shanty 2 Chic's DIY Lined Roman Shades. The directions were awesome, easy to follow and apply. Now I am not a beginner at making things but I would say a beginner would be able to complete Shanty 2 Chic's tutorial. It is very well written.

I wanted the front side to have a little more color than canvas could provide, so I went to the scrap bin at the local fabric store. Fabric in scrap bins are normally 1/2 off but if the fabric is on sale you get 1/2 off the sale price. The down side is that all the fabric is normally under a yard. Thus if you don't like the patch work look, it isn't for you. But I happen to LOVE that look.

For all three window I spent about $27 on fabric. I had old white tablecloths I used for the backing. I am not on the up & up on canvas but if it is 100% cotton you could dye it whatever color is your desire for a cheaper way to get nice heavy colored fabric for your window treatments. 


I did have one problem with my Roman Shades. Since I have many different colored fabric, I decided to use clear thread instead of finding all the different colors. The clear plastic thread didn't seem to hold the knots as well as the normal thread. This of course has no reflection on the directions given by Shanty 2 Chic. Because the knots didn't hold I had to go back and replace all the thread that held the eyelets to the shades.

Now lets talk MONEY, the total cost for all three windows was $69, which is way cheaper than custom ordering the three shades.

Please tell me if you like the tutorial by Shanty 2 Chic in the comment section below. Also let me know of a window treatment project you have done!

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